Friday, August 31, 2012

Banana Split Kit

I have a dear friend who had to put her eleven year old dog to sleep because of old age recently. They have four kids and I know that they were in for a rough/ emotional evening.

Ideally I would have put this in a cute bag with a card but this was a last minute idea (kinda how I roll).  I ran to the store and bought the banana split ingredients and one of the stores reusable bags.  Added an ice pack from home and brought it to my friend.  I know that its a small thing but hopefully it made them smile. 

Yes, this was taken in the back of my car.  I told you, last minute.

What you will need for your banana split kit:

Banana's (one for each family member)
Ice Cream
Whipped Cream
Hot fudge
Strawberry topping (my store didn't have any of this which is why it isn't pictured)

A bonus would have been the banana split bowls that our grocery store sometimes carries for $1 each but they didn't have any.

Who  in your life can you surprise with a banana split kit this weekend?


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