Friday, August 3, 2012

Bathroom block letters

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before but B, the boys and I live in a small town home that is WAY too small for all of our stuff (we have a storage unit full of things that we just cannot make room for here yet don't want to get rid of). While B was deployed, I had sat in front of Pinterest for hours on end decorating a house that we didn't obviously have so when got back and we moved in this cardboard box  town home, the one area that I wanted to make cute was the boys' bedroom and attached bathroom. I went and bought the cutest shower curtain, towels, rug and accessories at Target but didn't do anything with the walls. I saw something on Pinterest with the block letters for a laundry room (I can't find the actual pin...sorry) and decided I would do that for the boys' bathroom. Off to Hobby Lobby we went. Just saying... I love that place! I could spend hours there...if I didn't have two 1 year olds with me. I love the chunky block letters and the paint, I sort of guessed on but I guessed pretty good because they match perfectly! The letters are around $1.50 each and the paint was about the same. Both of them were on sale.

I didn't take pictures of the actual process because I was just trying to get them painted without the help of two little guys who I am SURE would love to play in paint. Instead, I will just tell you the process. I used sponge paint brushes because they seemed to look less "streaky" and did 3 coats on all but the yellow which took 4 coats. I paint the sides, inside and front but not the back because it's not like anyone can see that. I just hung them on small nails.

I have to say, I think it's pretty cute! The bathroom is pretty small so it is hard to get pictures of the entire thing and as you can see, I have two little helpers who LOVE to play in their bathroom. Standing on top of the toilet and trying to climb in the bath is a lot of fun apparently.

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