Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Making base housing feel like home

Part of being married to a Marine (or anyone in the military) is moving. In the past four years, we have lived in 4 places with the longest being a year and a half. But next month, we will be moving into base housing and hopefully be there for awhile. Anyone in the military knows base housing is simple and basic. I will not complain though because it is over double the size of the place we are at now and has a yard! I want this next house to feel like a nice, cozy home.

The floor plan has a family room and living room, along with a dining room, kitchen, laundry room and half bath downstairs. The front living room will become the boys' play room. I hate clutter so having all their toys in our living room as been stressing me out so I am beyond happy they will have their own space. But, now I have to decorate it. I have pinning like crazy to come up with inexpensive decorating ideas. I want to had color, texture and design without painting or doing anything that we won't be able to remove. So here is my list of ideas and inspiration on making base housing feel like home (without painting or permanent fixtures):

Chevron Curtains. I will be doing these for the boys' playroom but with blue paint. A Drop in the Bucket

Bookshelves - I have two cheap bookshelves from Target that have always been in our spare bedroom. Now one is in the living room and one is in the boys room. I would like to add a pop over color and design to both of them with this wondering idea from In My Own Style

How to make fabric backdrops for book shelves

Magnetic Board....let me just say, GENIUS! We have lots of magnets and they seem to always be all over my kitchen floor so I think this is a great idea for the playroom from From Baby P makes Three

Growth chart by Adventures in Decorating and Design. Moving means not being able to bring a door frame with your little ones ages with you when you  move so this will be great to be able to take with us along our adventure as a Marine Family. 

DIY Picture Canvas. I am going to do a collage of our family photos on DIY canvas like done by Mommy Models Blog . 

My list goes on and on but for now, I think those projects will keep me busy. 

Any ideas on how to make a new house feel like a home on a budget? Any ideas on how to transform base housing into a place you feel at in? I would love to here ideas!

- Sabrina

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