Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Recovering Lamp Shade

When I was pregnant with my boys, I spent hours and hours looking at ideas for their nursery. I had bought a simple white lamp with a white lamp shade from Target with the goal of painting it and recovering the lamp shade. But before I knew it, I had two newborns home and absolutely no time. So fast forward 16 months, I finally get nap times to accomplish projects.

Their nursery is blue, brown and orange. They have orange curtains but right now we have up brown ones that are black out so it's dark in their room.

I originally bought the fabric to cover the lamp shade in the living room but decided I wasn't ready to commit to orange in there and luckily it matches their room perfect.
The process itself was pretty simple. I started by ironing the fabric. I did a small side first hot gluing the middle then doing the top edge then bottom edge. Because the lamp shade is not a perfect rectangle, I had to make relief cuts at every corner and in the middle of each section where the metal is. I continued by repeating the process on all sides with the two seams together. Be sure as you are gluing, to pull the fabric tight so there are no creases or bumps. I used a clip to hold it tight while I glued the section.

I think it turned out pretty cute and looks great on the boys' dresser.

And...with the extra fabric, I got to do another project. More to come on that.

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