Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Picture Frame Art Display

My sister-in-law came into town last week and we were discussing Pinterest crafts. We both had pinned this idea for displaying art: Little Nanny Goat

I have wanting to do something cute to display my boys' drawings. Right now, it's just scribbles but I love their scribbles and hanging them on the wall with scotch tape just doesn't do them justice! :)

So, off to Goodwill we went! We bought 3 frames from Goodwill ranging from $1.99 to $3.99. I like the ones with a lot of detail. Then we bought some from Walmart...my boys were playing with them, they got broken...back to Goodwill I went. I bought three more frames for $1.99 each. Two of them were still in the packages. Score!  (and I also got a brand new dryer erase board in the package for $1.99. Double score! And I have the perfect project for a later date!) I had a yard of burlap that I got from JoAnn's for $3.99 and we went to Walmart and got spray paint. My frames will be hanging in the boys' playroom at the new house so I wanted bright colors. I also picked up primer and sander. The clips we bought at Walmart for $1.88 for a two pack.


First, take the frames apart. Take out the glass and backing so it is just the frame itself. I sanded the frames a little bit and put a coat of primer on. 

Frames with the primer

While the primer was drying, I used my hot glue gun (Caution: Hot glue guns...they really are hot and I often burn myself!) and wrapped the backing of the frames in burlap gluing around the edges. Makes sure you pull the burlap tight so there are no bumps. 

Back to the frames...do a coat of whatever color you wish to use. You may have to do two coats depending on the color. I did two coats of the green. (the other red and blue frame I did when we bought all the supplies last week...I just didn't get pictures of it)

Frames with the colors

After the frames were gone drying, I put the burlap covered backing into the frames and attached the clip. I waited to attach the clips until they were back in the frame to make sure I had them even with how they lay in the frames. 
My Sister-In-Law's Frames
Our Playroom Frames
Such a cute and inexpensive way to display art! And if burlap isn't your thing, use colorful scrapbooking paper!


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