Friday, September 21, 2012

Oil Pan Chalkboard Picture Schedule

Let me start by explaining something.  I thought hubs and I were being super smart by saving all of our pictures for the last four years to an external hard drive.  I thought it was smart, until our hard drive decided to stop working and is now holding all of those photo's hostage until I can find someone to hopefully save them...praying its possible.

I say this to explain why I have no photo's of the process of this project.  I took them, they are being held hostage.  Luckily its super easy and I should be able to walk you through the steps.

Our sweet, sweet little man is very routine oriented and doesn't do well with change that is thrown on him.  We have learned this and try to help him out as much as possible.  He is also a very visual kid which is why this project was born.  It was inspired by this pin.

I picked up an oil pan at the auto supply store for about $10

Primed it by using a small sponge roller to roll on Kilz primer.

After the Kilz dried I rolled on this chalkboard paint that I picked up at Walmart for about $10. I have lots left for other projects.

I LOVE teacher stores so I ran to one and bought the cutouts for the Months and Days. I had them laminated and used E6000 to glue magnets to the back.

I googled free clip art of all of the usual things we have in our daily routines. Breakfast, school, free play, daddy coming home, snack, library, church, ect.  Because of having joint custody of Bree I included a picture of her so he can know what days he can expect to see her and what days he won't. 

 I saved the pictures and clip art to a Word document and sized them all to be about two inches.  Printed them, had them laminated and glued the magnets to the back.

I keep the days of the week in the piano bench right by the calendar as well as the pictures that we aren't using that day.

I keep the numbers for the day of the month in this cute little basket I picked up from so they stay in order.

The way the oil pan is shaped it has a perfect little ledge at the bottom to hold the chalk.

Right now the chalk is just for notes to little man or he likes to practice his letters on here as well.  I like the versatility it has for us.  If we get to a point where we don't need a calendar like this we can use it as a chalkboard or make these fabric letters and add a magnets to the back.

One more look of the final product. 

       xoxox Jeannie

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