Friday, September 7, 2012

Pirate Night!

I love having theme nights with my family.  I love putting it all together and then surprising them with it, on an otherwise ordinary night.  A while back we had pirate night and the kids loved it!

I gathered supplies

Pirate books from the library
pirate movies
eye patches
treasure maps
gold coins (not pictured)

We started our evening getting all our pirate gear on. 
Fierce aren't they.

Then we made Personal Pan Pirate Pizzas (just homemade pizza's but the name made it more special).

While the pizza cooked hubs read the pirate books.

Chow time!

 We of course had to have a sword fight or two.

Then each kid got a treasure map that I made out of brown bags. I tore a pice from the bag, got it wet, crumpled it up and then once they were dry I wrote out a map leading each of them to a bag of treasure (chocolate gold coins).  I, of course, was far to wrapped up in the excitement to get pictures of this part....sorry.

Finally we sat down and watched Peter Pan together.

All this was done and cleaned up and they were in bed on time so hubs and I could finish off those gold coins and hang out.

Family theme nights are supposed to be fun so don't stress about the details.  Clearly I didn't because I am just now noticing that HB didn't have pants on the entire evening. 

What about you?  Have you guys ever done any theme nights?  What are your favorites?  What are your kids favorites?

xoxox Jeannie

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