Wednesday, September 12, 2012

D is for Duck..F is for Fish, Bathroom Decor

So, I've been trying to think of crafts to do that I have the space to do it and it's inexpensive. In my little guys' bathroom, I had hung up some pictures that were in their bedroom at our old house. Their shower curtain has the alphabet with the coordinating animal. The theme  of the pictures went.. the colors did not so I found some inspiration on Pinterest (of course!) and decided to give it a try. Here is my inspiration (although hers is made of fabric, I used scrapbooking paper):  Giraffe Silhouette

 I went to Michael's and bought some scrapbooking paper. I liked the blue paper because it looks like water drops. Perfect for a bathroom. I had decided to do a fish and a duck since those are two of the ones on my boys' bathroom curtain. $.99 for 2 pieces and $.50 for the other two.

So, all you do is Google ______(whatever you are wishing to have) silhouettes and click images. There are tons and tons of options. I picked the ones that looked simple enough without a ton of detail since I wasn't sure how'd that look with the paper. Also, I have seen this idea for girls' bedrooms with princesses. Maybe someday I'll get to do princesses but for now, we have a fish and a duck. I was thinking trucks and cars would work too if that was your theme.

Print the silhouette. Currently my printer needs reprogrammed onto my computer and my CD is in storage so, I traced it from the computer screen. Worked just as good. 

I attached the paper with the silhouette onto the scrapbooking paper and cut it out. Then used scrapbooking adhesive to attach is to the backdrop paper.

 I bought the sticker letters from the craft store but you could write them. (my handwriting isn't nearly nice enough for that) or print them out.

Ta-da! Easy. Inexpensive. Cute.

- Sabrina 

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