Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lemons into Lemonade...or Something Like That

OK, I messed up.  I was watching a friends little guy for her and didnt' think anything of putting him in Bree's room for his nap.  It never occurred to me that A. she had scissors in her room or that B. this little guy would find them on her desk and use them to cut up her pillow cases instead of sleeping.  I was seriously shocked when we discovered the mutilated pillow cases. 

Luckily he made his cuts on the closed end of the pillow cases so I was able to use a lot of the fabric for this project.

Poor Bree just got his bedding set from her Grandparents.

Within minutes of finding the pillow cases in this condition I had a solution in my mind.  First step, buy new white pillow cases.
Disclaimer: I am self taught when it comes to sewing.  I am sure there are many, many better ways to do this project but this is what I came up with.

I used my rotary blade to cut the open end of the pillow cases off at the seam.

With the piece I was sewing on I gave it a 1/4" of excess fabric past the seam.

See where I'm going with this yet?

Turn the trim piece inside out and pin at the right sides of the trim and pillow case together.

Pretty easy and quick project.

Still matches the sheets, but you know I didnt' stop there.

I cut a piece of the old pillow cases out just big enough to fit two letter a's for her name (Bree is a nickname).

Ironed on some wonder under and traced my a's on backwards so that when I put them on the new pillow cases the a would face the right way.

Cut out your letters, still with me?

Remove the paper backing (I've totally forgotten this step before and its no fun) and iron to the center of your pillow cases.

I did a straight stitch around the a's to keep them secure and because I like how it looks.


I love how they turned out!  And now I know to check Bree's room for scissors but will probably just put extra kiddo's in our room where I know there isn't anything they can get and learn.


  1. I love it! although, done out of necessity, it totally looks like you did it on purpose. And I like it better. I'm going to do that in Trin's room too!

  2. Thanks Court! I love them too and it was a fun easy craft. Trin will love them and it will give you a chance to try out that new sewing machine :)