Monday, February 4, 2013

Felt Valentines Wreath


I don't know about you but I love Valentine's day. We don't usually do much for it but I really wanted to decorate. My goal this year is to have a wreath for every holiday (even though B says Valentine's Day is not a holiday). I found a lot of great ideas on Pinterest but really liked this one with the felt heart.

I could not find a heart shaped wreath anywhere. I went to three craft stores with no luck so I used a round one I had here.

I bought a yard of red felt for $4.99 at Joann's (then used a 50% off fabric coupon) and a box of push pins.

B and I turned on a movie and the project began. I used a cup as my guide and traced lots of circles (folding your fabric in half and cutting two at once cuts down some of the cutting). I cut and I cut and then I cut some more and then when I thought I was done, I cut more. Seriously. You need a lot of circles. I should have counted but it was a lot.

After you are done cutting, fold a circle in half and then quarter. Use your push pin and put it through the point then put it the styrofoam wreath. Repeat this process over and over and over again until no styrofoam is showing. You don't have to do the back since that is against the door.

I used some Valentines Day ribbon I had to hang it and I just love it. You can easily change out the ribbon and use it for Christmas too. I finished just as the movie finished so it took a couple hours but well worth it!

(Sorry for the lack of pictures...they accidentally got deleted while attempted to write this blog and take care of my crazies aka toddlers :) But the link gives a great tutorial.)



  1. beautiful, you have patience that is for sure. Love to all

  2. Thanks Marti! It took a couple hours but was worth it! I love it and can change it up with other seasons too like Fourth of July and Christmas using different ribbon :)