Friday, February 15, 2013

Organizing with a planner

That's right! You read that title correctly. I'm going old school....

I started the spring semester at college again {9 credit hours}. I joined a club at school {yes, a club}. I put myself in charge of planning family dinners once a month {more on this later}. I have my normal 8-5 job. I'm working on this blog {at least trying to}. I have set a pretty major fitness goal for myself {more on this later too}. Needless to say, I am keeping myself very busy lately. I am making every effort to stay on top of school-work, house-work, work-work, working out, and eating right to avoid getting stressed out.

So my solution for balancing all that I've signed up for, I am using a paper day-planner. Yes, in the days of digital everything, I am using a paper calendar. I still use my iPhone calendar for reminders but I love my written calendar. I see my whole week at a glance with out straining my eyes to see my tiny calendar on my phone. Plus, I enjoy using my color coded ink to keep track of projects and deadlines.

For me, the best way to grasp what my week holds, I sit down and write out my schedule on my calendar. I have always been a fan of calendars and date-books {I know that sounds as nerdy as I think it does}…I just never had enough going on to actually need a calendar/organizer. Well….I’m finally growing into my love {& need} of calendars.
Let me remind you that I am the sister that doesn't have children but my schedule is packed between work, school, blog, working out, and family stuff! Imagine what it will be like when I do have children...
{oh my goodness, that just overwhelmed me out for a second}
Anyway back to the calendar, I am using a new Erin Condren calendar but you can find a lot of really cute, very useful calendars at Target or any office supply store.

I like using different color ink for each area of my life. (this would be a great idea if you have children with their own schedules – a different color ink for each child?) Here is how I have color coordinated mine:
Red – Bills - due dates
Pink – Blog stuff - schedules and ideas
Orange – School - due dates, homework, class times, club meetings
Green – Fitness - work-out schedule
Teal - Personal appointments - hair, doctor, dentist
Blue – Food - meals, grocery needs
Purple – Special events - birthdays, anniversaries, holidays
Black – Work - scheduled meetings, due dates, deadlines

The way I see it is even if my schedule is getting full, I find it less daunting to look at a full schedule that is organized and colorful. How do you keep your schedule organized? Am I the only person who color coordinates their schedule? Share your ideas!

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