Sunday, October 21, 2012

Strength for Motherhood!

After starting my fitness journey I came across my this amazing program, Stroller Strides!  I was doing fine working out on my own, but dang it, motherhood can be lonely.
I found classes in my area (we had moved from Wasilla, AK to Anchorage).  I fell in love with Stroller Strides before I had even been to a class.  Just the idea of it and I wanted what they had!
In fact, my husband and I had been toying with the idea of owning a small business or at least something I could do from home.  While searching the website for classes I noticed the franchise was for sale.  SOLD!  I seriously called my husband, before even attending a class, and asked if I could buy it.  He did assure me that I should go try it first, but was totally open to the idea.  I went to my first class confident that if wasn't just a "walk in the park" but an actual workout, I was going to be buying it!
My original Anchorage crew.  Man, I miss those ladies!
My first class was in late winter in Anchorage.  They were holding classes in an indoor water park.  I was about 5 months pregnant with my second daughter.  I arrived at class in long pants and a long sleeved shirt and my single jogging stroller.  The instructor, Jen, who soon became a good friend and continued to teach for me after I bought the franchise, was so nice and taught an amazing workout.  I was not dressed appropriately for 80 degrees and 80% humidity that the water park provided though.  I left drenched in sweat, but oh so happy!
Not long after that I bought the business and have loved it ever since. 

Playgroups- Ahhh!  How much does this former 2nd grade teacher LOVE crafts!

1st anniversary of our Phoenix Stroller Strides classes!

We moved to Phoenix about 2 years ago so I sadly had to sell my Stroller Strides in Anchorage, but missed it so much, I bought another one in Phoenix!  I just feel like this is my thing, what I'm meant to do.  I love playing with the adorable kiddos and watching them grow.  I love watching the moms settle into this crazy thing called motherhood and along the way get their pre-baby body back.  I mostly love that I get to be a part of women's lives during this MONUMENTAL phase of life.  The friendships made during this time in a women's life last, and my girls have made their best friends at class.  This is when you can't hide behind a facade.  You are too tired, emotional, and in love with this new person to fake it.  So we are real.  You can come cranky, tired, and covered in spit up.  It's ok, we truly get it.

 I wake up every day feeling so blessed that this came into my life and that I get to do this for "work".

In Stride,

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