Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lazy Saturday Crock Pot Gumbo

A couple weekends ago, we (hubs and I) were working on cleaning the garage and getting it organized so hubs can work out there. He likes to tinker in his garage, mess with his car, even build some super cool stuff that I hope to blog about later.

Side note: I married into a Cajun family...not sure if you know this, but Cajun families can cook! I love all the food that my in-laws cook, it truly is comfort food! I have been shown how to cook *most* of my husband's favorite meals, but most of them require your own spin on them.

Ok, back to Lazy Saturday Gumbo (in a crock pot). I knew we would be in the garage all day but I still wanted to have a nice meal and not have to have fast food for dinner. I got all the stuff I needed for my gumbo and threw it in the crock pot hoping it would simmer all day for a yummy dinner.

I used frozen chicken breasts, seasoned them well with my Tony's seasoning and set them to the side while I cooked my onions.

I diced my onions and celery and sauteed them until almost translucent. (I season these with pepper and a little salt, this is optional.)

I then add one cup of my cheater roux *I said lazy gumbo* and one cup water. Allow this to thicken and remove from heat. You can stir the extra chicken broth or water in this pot too, but it's all going to end up in the crock pot to cook.

I diced sausage and put it directly in the crock pot. I just used all beef but you can use whatever you feel like, that is the beauty of gumbo.

I put it on low for five hours. I was in the garage all day with hubs so I would occasionally check on it.

I was thinking it didn't seem to ever actually boil, so I was going to have to cut the chicken up. I pulled a chicken breast out of the crock pot and it shredded apart beautifully. All I had to do was make some white rice to serve it over and we had a nice home cooked hearty meal after working in the garage all day. *I always serve my gumbo with potato salad too*

That's how I made my "Lazy Saturday Gumbo", I am sure there is much to be perfected but it was a good start. If you get a chance to try it out let me know what you did!




  1. I saw this on Pinterest and can't wait to make it. Quick question... When you put your chicken in the crockpot, was it still frozen or was it thawed out? Thanks.

  2. Hi Brianne,
    Because I had a lot of time to let the gumbo cook in the crock pot, I put it in frozen. If you were to shorten the cooking time, I would put thawed, raw chicken.