Thursday, May 17, 2012

Planning for Some Summer Fun

School gets out next week and I have these two adorable monkeys to entertain. I hate hearing "I'm bored", "what are we doing today", or just having lazy kids who do nothing all summer. To prevent this I have created a list of things we will do this summer.  I even went as far as to print a calendar and schedule lots of them so that its not just a plan that we don't follow through on.

Want some ideas for your own summer plans?  Here you go

For their minds

Library reading program (we do this every year)
Children's Museum
Dinosaur Museum
Bingo Stamper Art (working on letter's with HB)
Art Masterpiece (will explain more later)

For their bodies

Ice Skating
Splash Pad
Gymnastics Day (local gymnastics center lets your kids play for cheap on Fridays)

For their/our tummies
yes, its all sweets in this topic but I have a sweet tooth and we eat healthy on a regular basis so these will just be special events.

Make Rice Crispy Treats
Ice Cream Man
Going to Ice Cream in their Jammie's
Sweeties (an old fashion ice cream parlor)
Dessert for Dinner
Homemade Popsicles
Get Donuts at Night

Just for fun

Water Park
Paper Mache
VBS at our church
Finger Painting
Paint Rocks
Peter Piper Pizza
Lowe's Saturday Workshop
Treasure Hunt for Dad (Father's Day)
Build a Fort
Game Night
Paint By Number ($ store)
Tye Dye Shirts
Pinata for No Reason at all
Paper Airplanes
Flea Market
Boating with Friends
Water Balloon Fight
Date with Dad (added by Bree)

I got lots of my ideas from Aggieland Mommy and the bucket list she made for her family.  I also have lots of other ideas we might add on my Summer Fun Pinterest Board.  If you haven't found me on Pinterest check it out.  I'm always adding stuff.

What are your plans this summer?  Any other ideas that I could/should add?

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