Monday, April 9, 2012

Fifteen Minute Boot Socks

These have been all over blog land and Pinterest and I've been wanting a pair forever, the only problem was that I didn't have any boots until Christmas (thank you hubs) to wear them with.

I've had different styles pinned on my "to do" board for a long time and just never got around to making any.  Living in the desert, I thought that I had missed my window to wear boots because we are already up in the 80's or higher every day.  Well, the other day we had a random cool day on a Sunday. I was determined to wear my boots one last time this year but I had never made any boot socks and was wishing I had.

After getting ready, I decided to make some right then and there (much to hubs dismay).  I scrounged around and found a tank that is old and stretched out but had nice lace on the bottom and a pair of hubs dress socks that he has never worn.

I planned to buy some lace originally but with only about a fifteen minute window to make them that was out of the question and using this tank made them free.

So, I cut off the lace bottom of the tank and cut it to size to fit around the upper part of my calf where they would sit.

I turned the right sides together and sewed with a straight stitch along the short sides.

Pinned them right sides together with the top of the socks.  When I sewed the lace on I stretched the top band of the sock out so that when it wasn't stretched it has a gathered look and so it stretches around my calf.

With one sock done and one to sew, I was hearing heavy sighs from hubs as he loaded the kids into the car for church.

Do that for each sock...finished

These were actually taken after church because I ran to the car carrying the socks and my boots and put them on in the car so we wouldn't be late.

Sorry for the pics not being great, some things you just can't do on your own so I had an adorable ten year old take them.

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